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In fine feather: in good condition; in good health

e.g. With a good night sleep, I am in fine feather today.

After all: in spite of everything

e.g. She didn’t get a good score; after all, it was her first attempt.

Pass the buck: put the blame on someone else not responsible

e.g. It was all your fault! Don’t try to pass the buck!

 On board: participating

e.g. We try to get as many people as possible on board this important project.

 Make oneself at home: feel comfortable

e.g. Please make yourself at home; take off your shoes if you want to.

 Pass the hat: collect money for

e.g. He is always passing the hat for something.

 Late in life: in old age

e.g. It was only late in life that he became a famous writer.

Act one’s age: behave maturely

e.g. Stop behaving like a teenager! Act your age.

No flies on: very alert, smart

e.g. You cannot trick her; there are no flies on her.

Bad sort: an unpleasant person

e.g. He is a bad sort; nobody likes him.

 Bag your face: shut up!

e.g. You and your loud mouth! Go and bag your face!

 Dance to another tune: change to a different attitude or behavior

e.g. If your parents were here, you would dance to another tune.

A little bird told me: somehow I knew

e.g. “How  did you know what I did?” “Well, a little bird told me.”

Add insult to injury: make things worse

e.g. Enough is enough! Don’t add insult to injury.

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