Learn American Idioms 3

After all: in spite of everything

e.g. She didn’t get a good score; after all, it was her first attempt

Late in life: in old age

e.g. It was only late in life that he became a famous writer.

You bet: yes, of course

e.g. “Are you hungry?” “You bet!”

 Act one’s age: behave maturely

e.g. Stop behaving like a teenager! Act your age.

 All of it: the best

e.g. From the way he presented him at the debate, he was all of it.

 Vicious circle: a series of events that create more problems

e.g. You take drugs to remove the symptoms, but the drugs also cause symptoms that require more drugs; you are ony creating a vicious circle.

 Lead someone astray: cause someone to do something wrong or illegal

e.g. If you are always in the company of lawbreakers, you  may be easily be led astray.

Abide by: accept and follow

e.g. If you wish to become a citizen of the United States, you must abide by U.S. immigration laws.

 Pass the hat: collect money for

e.g. He is always passing the hat for something.

Actions speak louder than words: do something about it, not just talking about it

e.g. Show me what you have done! Actions speak louder than words.

Bag your face: shut up!

e.g. You and your loud mouth! Go and bag your face!

Live beyond one’s means: spend more than one can earn

e.g. You are in debt because you are living beyond your means.

Down and out: very poor

e.g. He is down and out without a job and a roof over his head.

Tail end: the last part

e.g. His speech was long, and only the tail end was interesting.

Ball of fire: an energetic and enthusiastic person

e.g. We all want his presence; he is a ball of fire.

 No flies on: very alert, smart

e.g. You cannot trick her; there are no flies on her.

Add insult to injury: make things worse

e.g. Enough is enough! Don’t add insult to injury.

Ball of fire: an energetic and enthusiastic person

e.g. We all want his presence; he is a ball of fire.

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